Summit Expression Session
Co-Produced Action Sports Media
The SES 2007 Video is available at

The 40-minute DVD plays on PC or TV, with menu
and 8 chapters

"Whooo-hooo! The DVD arrived today, Lisa and I just watched, and it's great! Thanks, Larry!"    -Tom

"Thanks Larry, Fine job if I do say so myself! Watching this did bring back lots of memories, but also the people who make this
session what it is. Definitely captures the spirit of the event, and leaves just enough room for more this year."   -Al

Larry, You did a great job with the video. We watched it yesterday and loved it. I immediately got fired up and I'm looking forward to
the SES and carving with some of the most dynamic people I've ever met."   -Carverchick

"Got my copy yesterday, great stuff. Brings back memories and gets me ready for the upcomming season.
Thanks again for the work putting this together."   -Iain

"It’s AWESOME. I got so stoked that I watched it 4 times in a row and I now can’t wait for the session. Thanks so much, it’s a
fantastic production and hopefully will let me share some of my excitement with my friends."  -Dan